Titanius Anglesmith

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Secondary character
Cornwood character
Titanius Anglesmith
First appearance"Futurama Returns" (US#S02)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

Titanius Anglesmith is a Fancy Man of Cornwood and a knight version of Bender Bending Rodriguez living in Cornwood. He apparently owns his own castle. He was a member of The Fellowship.

When Frydo and Leegola emerged from their world, Titanius was the first person they met in Cornwood. He led them to the home of The Great Wizard Greyfarn, who told them of Momon and that the Die of Power which Frydo possessed, needed to be destroyed in order to defeat Momon.

Along the way, they needed to take a detour through the Cave of Hopelessness, at which point they met Gynecaladriel who seduced the guard to let them past. In the cave, Leegola abandoned them. When they got to the other side, Frydo attempted to murder Titanius before running away.

After Frydo and Leegola ran away, the remainder of the fellowship continued to wipe castle to try and convince the king. Unfortunately the king proved to be insane and had sent his army into the ocean, leaving the Kingdom defenseless. Fortunately, Leegola and the centaurs prevailed and killed all of Momon's army.

Additional Information


  • Titanius Anglesmith was the name of Bender's Dungeons and Dragons character.
  • In Cornwood, Titanius Anglesmith behaves and acts more like Bender.
  • The name, Titanius Anglesmith, references Bender himself: Bender is 40% titanium, and "Angle smith" means "maker of angles", i.e., one who bends, or Bender.