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Species: Geomyidae Sapien
Planet of Origin: Earth Mk. II
Age: 111012
Voiced By:Will Thomas
Email: [email protected]


Programmer, writer, math wizard and all-around genius, Gopher is a really amazingly wonderful guy. During early 2006, he had way too much free time on his hands, so he spent most of it getting the Infosphere off the ground. He the dissappeared for much of '06, and had now returned, when he's not programming, designing video games, or playing Geometry Wars and Call of Duty Gears of War and Guitar Hero II on his XBox 360.

Recently landed a new job which will actualy get him out of the house 40 hrs a week again, so he won't be doing little tweaks all day anymore. He will still be around nights and weekends, though, as he has no life and doesn't sleep much.


  • Leeloo, my wonderful mutt.


  • Scored 1.1 million in Geometry Wars
  • Completed all songs on Hard in Guitar Hero II

Recent Contributions

Additional Information

Languages Known

(in order of fluency)

  • C/C++
  • English
  • Bad English
  • Objective C
  • VB
  • php
  • SQL
  • Pascal/Object Pascal
  • XSL(t)
  • Wiki
  • HTML
  • x86 assembly
  • Ruby
  • Basic
  • Lisp
  • C#
  • Cobol
  • Fortran


  • Once drank an entire 12-pack of cokes in 8 hours.
  • Has heard of this thing "Sleep" but has no use for it.
  • Between jobs, Gopher can live on nothing but balogna sandwiches and pep pills.


  • Einstein: Only two things are infinite: The universe, and human stupidity. The first is debatable.
  • Douglas Adams: I love deadlines. I love the great wooshing noise they make as they fly by.

Know of a large task the Infosphere needs to work on?

Infosphere:TODO This page lists the large ongoing tasks and their status

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