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hi guys!

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Monique Radevu is the nom-de-blog of an imaginary well known young writer-actress, but that's no excuse.

A Seattlite satellite, she leaves whorlly fingerprints spiralling everywhere & everywhen, beginning from the divine Ludwig van B's geborentag Dec. 16th, Year of the Tigress, 1986.

The odd name is further proof of her centrally peripheral rôle in the Vast Franco-Latvian Conspiracy.

Fry: "who should I root for? America or one of those countries I learned about at the food court?"

Harvard admitted her in error, and now she's ruining Oxford- a stop must be made!

"Knowledge Brings Fear"...well, totally spluh, like type deal!

Professional writer since 14, began college at 15, published four books to date, numerous stories and poems, scores of articles and scripts, kinda well known as musician and actress.

Is constantly amused by life, and will play along if misread as 'dumb blonde'.

Fave fellow scribblers (& psychic found-ins) include Joyce, Bulgakov, Angela Carter, Calvino, Queneau, Flann O'Brien, Szymborska, Grass, Bukowski, Pessoa & his internal friends, Guy Davenport, ΨΑΠΦΩ, Vidal, Sterne, the old spear-shaker, St-J Perse, Atwood, Winterson, Russell Greenan, Lapcharoensap, Wodehouse, Κ., Νabokov, Moravia, Cary, Carey, Coetzee, J. Crowley and Huxley.