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Hi, Im' not Fry1, I'm TheFry, the Infosphere user. Read EVERYTHING (if you want) and everything means: Me; Userboxes; Episodes I have watched; My contributions-Pages I have created; Files I have uploaded; My talk page; My signature; Episode-Two Friens Made of Money-Act I-Act II-Act III-Additional Info-Quotes-Characters; Glossary and To do list. Everything just below. And of course: I love Futurama! I simply couldn't believe Futurama was cancelled, but that's all on the past. One more season! We're back, baby!


Me is me, TheFry2. I used to edit pages as an anonimous user, anynomus, aninamous... whatever, you know what I mean, a "non-logged in user", because I loved too much Futurama and had to edit one of the pages, or two, or three, to add information I know, since I learnt a lot about the show and still learning. Most of those edits were good, I even created pages. So after all that time, I decided to create an account of me, TheFry, under the name TheFry. Because IP's are shifting, I had plenty of them. These are my IP's:

There are plenty more, but these are all I can add without getting tired


Videoicon.png This user's favourite episode is 4ACV09.
Mars University.jpg This user is a student.
Bender's Big Score.png This user has a copy of Bender's Big Score.
BWABB.png This user has a copy of The Beast with a Billion Backs.
Benders Game DVD Cover.jpg This user has a copy of Bender's Game.
ItWGY.png This user has a copy of Into the Wild Green Yonder.
Futurama-ps2-cover.jpg This user has a copy of the Futurama game.

These are my userboxes. They're called "USER" because they are on user pages and "BOXES" because they're boxes (G'uh). Actually, what is written here is just to make espace on this section because the userboxes are on the right, and if this weren't written this section would seem empty. So don't pay attention to this if you want. As userboxes say my favourite episode is 4ACV093, I'm a student, I have copies of the Films4 and the Game5... look at them6, their cuuuute (?7).

Episodes I have watched


My contributions

See Special:Contributions/TheFry. to see TheFry's (that's me) contributions to The Infosphere.

Pages I have created

Files I have uploaded

And many more

My talk page

To enter there9 you have two choices: either clicking here - User talk:TheFry - or just clicking in "Discussion" above the page.

My signature

See User:TheFry/sig. to see my signature.


An episode I "created". Well, it could be good if there were a transcript available, but I can't add it. There can't be a transcript about an episode that doesn't exist... Anyway, here it is.


There is a reason there are small numbers all around the page

Phrase Meaning
1 - Fry The character
2 - Me, TheFry Like "Me, Bender", one of Bender's catchphrases
3 - 4ACV09 The production code of the episode →
4 - Films Bender's Big Score, The Beast With A Billion Backs, Bender's Game, Into The Wild Green Yonder
5 - Game The Futurama Video Game
6 - Them The userboxes
7 - ? Huh?
8 - My user page This page
9 - There My user talk page

To do list

OK, my "To Do List"... Well, I have to do it.

That's all I have to do. It's not so much.

This User Page is a page for a user so it is forbidden to anyone who is not TheFry to edit, unless it is an Administrator then it is OK, but... That's all. Oh, also: The sections "Me", "Userboxes", "Episodes I have watched", "My contributions-Pages I have created", "Files I have uploaded", "My talk page", "My signature", "Episode-Two Friends Made of Money-Act I-Act II-Act III-Additional Info-Quotes-Characters", "Glossary" and "To do list" are all made by me so I don't allow anyone to editing them (excepting administrators and me). Specially "Episode", because that is mine. Thanks.