Wongminster Miniature Golf Club

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Wongminster Miniature Golf Club
LocationMars Vegas
Planet of locationMars
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder

The Wongminster Miniature Golf Club is a lavish, high class miniature golf club in Mars Vegas. The club has a very strict male-only policy. It is owned and founded by Leo Wong and was part of his plan to rebuild Mars Vegas. Though the miniature golf club is in the middle of the Martian desert, it lush greens are hydrated by water pumped from a flamingo lake inside the club. This high class club was visited by high ranking dignitaries Earth President Richard Nixon and Vice President Agnew. It was also the site of a Feminista protest that led to Vice President Agnew's accidental death.

Famous Guests



  • The Wongminster may be a reference to the Wynn Golf and Country Club in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Wynn Country Club adjoins the Wynn Las Vegas, which was referenced by the Wong Hotel & Casino. In similar fashion, the Wongminster seems to be adjoining the Wong Hotel & Casino, as a powerfully struck ball from the Wongminster is able to reach the pool area of The Wong.
  • The name is also based on London's neighbourhood 'Westminster'.

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