Worlds of Tomorrow Independence Day Weekend

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Independence Day Weekend was a limited time offer in Worlds of Tomorrow. It consisted of Nixon and Agnew in Watergate Hotel, and a short quest was available if purchased. It began on June 30, 2017 and ended on July 6, 2017 at 3 PM PST.

Independence Day Weekend Animal Instincts Weekend


Image Name Cost Build time Description
Watergate Hotel.png Watergate Hotel Pizza.png 475
(Comes with Nixon and Agnew)
0s You don't need to call room service, just say your order out loud.


Image Name Cost Description
Nixon and Agnew WOT.png Nixon and Agnew Pizza.png 475
(Comes with Watergate Hotel)
Unlock it to ME?


The Trickiest Dick Pt. 1

Nixon and Agnew WOT.png Professor, Headless Agnew and I are on a mission to restore my reputation. Can you help?
Professor WOT.png I don't see how. You're the second most corrupt person to occupy the presidency.
Nixon and Agnew WOT.png Second? That's already an improvement. Who knocked me out of the top spot?
Professor WOT.png Excellent question. No one can even remember his name anymore.
Nixon tries to clear his name. Have Nixon give a speech. (4h)