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Tertiary character
Planet of originProbably Earth
RelativesA legion of animals
First appearance"Less than Hero" (4ACV04)
Voiced byBilly West

The Zookeeper is a supervillain who is the arch enemy of the New Justice Team, and has a legion of animals at his control which assist him in his crime. He is a middle-aged, fat male Human, with red hair and moustache, and wears zoo keeper clothes and a black eye mask. His main goal was to steal the Quantum Gemerald from the Museum of Natural History. The Zookeeper is currently at large.


He blackmailed Leela, Fry and Bender to steal the Gemerald, threatening the lives of Turanga Munda and Morris, Leela's parents (4ACV04), and later attended the Violet Dwarf Star Implosion ceremony (ItWGY).

Additional Info



    Zookeeper: Ah, the super heroes. Or should I say, super zeroes!
    Fry: [upset] That was uncalled for...

    Roosevelt: You've saved the Gemerald!
    Fry: Yet, the Zookeeper escaped, thus proving that the deadliest animal of all... is the Zookeeper.

    Fry: This is your lair?
    Zookeeper: Of course not, my lair's a hundred times nicer than this. You think I'd show you my lair?