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*[[Kidnappster]] begins holding [[Lucy Liu's head]] prisoner.  
*[[Kidnappster]] begins holding [[Lucy Liu's head]] prisoner.  

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Events with unknown dates

  • The Decapodians (Zoidberg's people) arrive on Earth.
  • Decapodians eat the anchovy species into extinction.
  • Cast of Star Trek: The Original Series does some musical reunion specials; "Welshie" added to cast to replace Scotty, as James Doohan can't yodel.
  • Church of Trek soars in global popularity. Germany re-named "Nazi Planet Episode Land" as a result.
  • The Church's popularity threatens world leaders, leading to the Star Trek wars (not to be confused with the Star Wars trek) and banning of the Church and the show; only remaining copies rocketed to Omega 3.
  • The ruins of Old New York progressively decay underground, and many of the upper-city's sewer lines are routed through or near them. Eventually, radioactive waste and good ol' American feces turns sewer-dwelling humans into a race of Sewer Mutants.
  • Pine trees become extinct.
  • Kidnappster begins holding Lucy Liu's head prisoner.