3004 Earth Olympiad

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3004 Earth Olympiad
TypeOlympic games
Held whereMadison Cube Garden
Contents of eventInternational multi-sport event
First appearance"Bend Her" (4ACV13)
The torch bearer, lighting the cauldron
Some of the team competitors

The 3004 Earth Olympiad was an international multi-sport event held in New New York, USA at the Madison Cube Garden. 12 team competitors are known, and only 3 events.

Opening Act

Just like every Olympic games, a man ran with a torch to light a cauldron, though at this olympiad, the bearer opens a hatch in the cauldron and ignites the fire like on a barbecue. After this, the teams walk into the stadium with their flags and banners.

Team Competitors


  • Robot bending competition
  • Men's 500 meter limbo
Winner: Barbados Slim
  • Fembot bending competition
Winner: Coilette

Additional Info


The Olympic rings
  • The Olympic rings are like the current ones, though the colors are moved, black ring is removed and replaced by purple ring and two new rings, orange and pink, were added.


"Bend Her" (4ACV13)