Angus McZongo

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Tertiary character
Angus McZongo
Angus McZongo.png
Angus McZongo at The Drunken Sniper (6ACV22).
Planet of originProbably Doohan 6
Greeter at The Drunken Sniper
First appearance"Fry Am the Egg Man" (6ACV22)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Angus McZongo is a major and a greeter at The Drunken Sniper, a pub on Doohan 6.


In 3011 (6ACV22), the Planet Express crew went to Doohan 6 to release Mr. Peppy back into the wild and eventually visited The Drunken Sniper, where McZongo bought Leela a drink. Upon learning about the release of Mr. Peppy, whose species wreaked bloody havoc on Doohan 6 livestock for centuries, McZongo, who had extinguished the species, vowed to kill it, but was convinced by Leela not to do so. On the next day, however, a group of sheep was deboned, so McZongo broke the deal, vowing to kill Mr. Peppy once more. On that night, Leela was attacked by a bone vampire, presumed to be Mr. Peppy. Fry, the owner of Mr. Peppy, learned about what had happened and assumed the responsibility to kill the creature and thus protect Leela. After Fry shot it, Bender discovered that the bone vampire was actually McZongo in a costume. McZongo revealed that it had been thirty years since his last bone-vampire killing, that the villagers did not idolise him like they used to, that the beast was his chance to be a hero again, but, because Mr. Peppy was a vegetarian, he slaughtered the sheep himself, and that he attacked Leela so that he could impress her by seeking revenge on the creature. It turns out McZongo and Mr. Peppy each did about half of the killing; however the villagers are happy to have a bone vampire around, as was said by a villager, "We've got more livestock than we can slaughter", in addition to the convenience of de-boned meat.

Additional Info


  • Angus McZongo is, as an inhabitant of Doohan 6, a parody of the inhabitant of Scotland. Angus is a name meaning one choice of mostly Scottish usage. McZongo is a combination of Mc, a prefix meaning son of in a Scottish patronymic name, and Zongo, a reference to a comic-book company founded by Matt Groening in 1995.


    Angus McZongo: Behave yourselves, gents. Off-worlders best be welcome here. Especially if we're trying to get the Olympics.

    Angus McZongo: The bloody idiot bloody shot me! I'm all bloody bloody!


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