Animatic:Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?

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Animatic for
Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?
On DVDVolume Two, disc 1

"Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?" was the third episode to have an animatic available, and the first from the second season.

Differences from final copy

  • The Robo-Rooter jingle is performed a capella, instead of the more elaborate one seen in the finished episode.
  • When Leela suggests that the Planet Express gang hit the steam rooms, Zoidberg says that "steam has unpleasant associations for my people," as opposed to the finished episode where he simply says that crustaceans don't like steam.
  • Fry's response to Leela pointing out that he's in the women's steam room is "whatever," instead of "ah, futuristic!" as in the final episode.
  • After the scene above, Bender is shown having his midsection buffed by a machine, which causes his head to loosen and fall off. Bender's detached head then says "invigorating!"
  • The man who Amy tries to hit on in the individual steam cubicle isn't quite as disgustingly overweight as he is in the finished episode.
  • When Zoidberg demands even more weight after living the barbells plus Amy and Fry, Leela suggests that he try "more reps with lower weight"; the final episode changes this to "more reps with less weight". Additionally, Katey Sagal reads the line with more urgency in the animatic, whereas in the final episode she does it with a soothing tone.
  • During his rampage through the gym, Zoidberg cuts some elasticated cords which a man is exercising with, catapulting the man out of the window.
  • When he pops up in the pregnecise pool, Zoidberg apparently causes all the women to give birth at once, instead of just one. When he then says "I'm a doctor!" to the instructor, Zoidberg has a normal expression on his face, implying that he's snapped out of his crazed mood (in the final episode he's obviously still crazy, which causes the remaining women to give birth).
  • When discussing what to do with Zoidberg, Amy's outfit isn't quite as ripped in the animatic as it is in the finished episode.
  • After Bender says that he's offended by the idea of organisms shooting DNA at each other to make babies, Leela points out that he looks at human erotica all the time, and Bender replies that he does that simply because he's a pervert.
  • The theme from "Amok Time" plays throughout the entire Claw-Plach battle, rather than just at the start.
  • After Zoidberg asks how he will get rid of his male jelly, Fry only gets as far as saying "Well, first..." before Leela shuts him up, and doesn't volunteer to lend Zoidberg his severed arm as in the final episode.
  • The episode's closing gag is completely different. After finding out that he has two left arms, Fry asks Zoidberg to try again. Zoidberg becomes annoyed, and offers to move Fry's head between the arms, at which point Fry says "Uhh... never mind!" and the episode ends.