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First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)

The antenna is a basic part of a Robot's body. All robots are designed with at least one.

Though the general public seems to think that antennas are simply placed to make robots "more science-fiction-y", the real motive behind their addition is for the antennas to act as targets for Mom's universal Robot controller. The controller was activated on Mother's Day in 3001, causing a robot uprising.


The antenna also seems to have many uses, which probably vary on the design of the robot, including: a liquid dispenser (1ACV05, 3ACV01), toilet flush button (3ACV09), pager (4ACV04), an indicator that a robot has mail (4ACV08) and a cannon fuse (6ACV24). They also appear to serve as ears for robots such as Calculon.

It has been implied multiple times throughout the series that the antenna also acts as the Manbot equivalent to a male human's genitalia (1ACV03, 1ACV12, 3ACV18, 4ACV13, 6ACV14, 6ACV20).

Additional Information


  • Antennas, or at least that of Bender, interfere with satellite televisions and cellphones. (1ACV03)