Battle of the Octillian System

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Battle of the Octillian System
Date30th Century
LocationOctillian System
ResultVictory to the DOOP Army
Appearance"Love's Labours Lost in Space" (1ACV04)
Side ASide B
DOOP ArmyKillbots
Zapp BranniganUnknown
DOOP soldiersKillbots
Millions of soldiersKillbots

The Battle of the Octillian System was the final battle in the war between the DOOP and the Killbots. [1ACV04] The Killbots began their attack with intent to destroy and kill everything. Captain Zapp Brannigan however came up with a cunning plan to out smart the Killbots. He sent in wave after wave of his own men at the Killbots until they reached their kill limit. The Killlbots were defeated before they could destroy the Octillian System and the hero of the battle, Zapp Brannigan, was awarded a medal and became a legend.

Additional Info


  • A deleted scene in 1ACV04 suggests that the "kill limit" for a Killbot is 999,999. This means that Brannigan likely sacrificed millions, or even billions, of his own troops.