Beatrice Arthur

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Beatrice Arthur
Bea Arthur.jpg
ProfessionGuest voice actor
Born13 May, 1922
Died25 April, 2009
IMDB profilenm0037735
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Beatrice "Bea" Arthur was an American actress, comedian and singer, whose career spanned seven decades. For Futurama, she voiced the character of Femputer in "Amazon Women in the Mood" as well as the fembot controlling it. She passed away in April 2009.

According to co-creator David X. Cohen in a June 2011 interview, Bea Arthur was his favourite voice actor that had worked on Futurama.[1]

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  1. ^ "'Bea Arthur. I would point out as one where originally before she came in I thought "well it's kind of a weird choice, and we'll score points for unexpected casting." She played the fem-bot who was controlling the fem-puter Amazon home world, but she was so funny and gave it such a serious, straight reading to this jibberish about "have you any idea what it's like to be a fem-bot on a man-bot man-puter's world?" She gave this little speech which was nothing but jibberish in the most heartfelt reading. I thought she gave one of the great Futurama guest performances.'"Cohen, David X.
    Cohen, David X. (23 June 2024). Futurama's David X. Cohen Speaks From The World of Tomorrow!. Retrieved on 23 June 2011.