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Big Applet
Big Applet.jpg
Their 762nd "Best Of New New York" Issue
First appearance"...But Deliver Us to Evil!" (US#002)

Big Applet is a magazine. One of the many periodical publications in New New York, the magazine publishes an annual "Best of" list highlighting the best of a wide area of categories, which range from "Best Alien Abduction Service" to "Fastest Pilot".

Planet Express was awarded "Most Efficient Delivery Company on Weekends and Holidays" in the 762nd "Best of New New York" issue.

Additional Info

  • Its tagline: "For the Discriminated New New Yorker".


  • Highlights of the 762nd "Best of New New York" issue include:
    • Best Alien Abduction Service
    • Best Looking Delivery Boy
    • Best Genetically Engineered Pizza
    • Best Stage Revival: Trainspotting, the Musical
    • Hover Cabbie of the Year
    • Fastest Pilot
    • Most Efficient Delivery Company on Weekends and Holidays
    • Robot Employee of the Year