Big rock alien

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Secondary character
Deceased character
Big rock alien
Neutopia 2.png
The big rock alien asking the Earthican people who can drink the most sulfur (6ACV20).
SpeciesRock alien
Planet of originNeutopia
First appearance"Neutopia" (6ACV20)
Voiced byDavid Herman

The big rock alien was an inhabitant of Neutopia. In June 3011 (6ACV20), it encountered a group of Earthican people among which was the Planet Express crew and - confused by the concept of male and female, because the members of its species are solely neuchachos - both neutered them and altered their genders. The alien was disintegrated by Zapp as it was about to return the Earthicans their genders.

Additional Info


  • While its name is never revealed, the Borax Kid, a rock alien whom it once made a bet with, once referred to it as "the other rock alien".


    Big rock alien: Your genders differ in many ways. But as with all things that are different - chocolate and vanilla, Mac and PC - one is always clearly better.
    Bender: Chocolate, Mac, men. The end.
    Big rock alien: Well, I've got nothing to do for the next eight million years. Therefore, I will administer a series of tests to determine the superior gender.

    Big rock alien: I find both genders supremely disappointing. The real reason I administered this bizarre, outer-space test was to teach you to work together! But you couldn't. Thanks to you, I lost my bet with the Borax Kid.
    Fry: Never bet against me being stupid.
    Big rock alien: Enough! Your gender differences have kept you from achieving harmony. There is only one way to resolve this conflict. [The big rock alien neuters the Earthicans.] I have freed you from the tyranny of gender. Now go in peace. Or actually stay here. I'll go in peace.

    Big rock alien: I have decided, after little thought, to return your genders. [The big rock alien makes the men into women and the women into men. The Earthicans complain.] Okay. Stop yelling at me! It was an innocent mistake. Allow me to rectify it.
    [The big rock alien is shot by Zapp.]