Chinese ambassador

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Tertiary character
Chinese ambassador
Japanese UN Diplomat.jpg
The Chinese ambassador without his left arm.
Planet of originChina, Earth
First appearance"The Prisoner of Benda" (6ACV10)
Voiced byUnknown

A Chinese ambassador was present at the United Nations General Assembly on the night of the address of Emperor Nikolai of the Robo-Hungarian Empire, in August of 3010.

The ambassador could not understand English as a translator had to translate for him the shocking revelation by Nikolai's cousin Basil that Nikolai was in fact an imposter. This left the ambassador expressing his shock and horror some time after most of his fellow delegates. During the subsequent duel between Basil and Hubert J. Farnsworth (whose mind was in Bender's original body) the ambassador would have to rely on his translator again, seemingly having to be told that a loose chain-sword had just sliced off his own left arm, resulting in another delayed reaction.

Additional Info


  • The fact that he is a Chinese ambassador is revealed during the table read featured in Volume 5.


    Chinese ambassador: Haaaoooooooooooh!!!