Commentary:Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television

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Commentary for
Bender Should Not Be Allowed on Television
Production number4ACV06
On DVDSeason 4
Disc 2
Matt Groening
Executive Producer
David X. Cohen
Executive Producer
Rich Moore
Supervising Director
Lewis Morton
Brian Sheesley
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, miscellaneous)
Billy West
Actor (Fry, miscellaneous)
Maurice LaMarche
Guest Actor (Calculon, miscellaneous)

Topics of Discussion

  • Billy West and John DiMaggio beat box for this episode's Opening Sequence instead of the traditional theme tune.
  • Monique was originally just a demo robot for the series but was popular enough to be included as a character.
  • Louis is one of the few writers to write in all four seasons. Others include David and Ken.
  • Calculon's voice is a mixture of a large number of actors.
  • The noise the Hypnotoad makes is nicknamed Angry Machine.
  • The teenage robots now have new beeping zits.
  • They couldn't come up with a name for Human Friend so they just called him Human Friend.
  • John, Billy and Maurice have had some terrible auditions.
    • Once Billy was auditioning for a radio show with a hangover and he threw up all over the recording equipment.
  • They finally get to make fun of the network executives in this episode.
  • A lot of computers in the show are similar to Apple's Mac computers.
  • They wanted to use some more pop-ups saying things like You're watching Futurama the show that doesn't encourage the cool crime of robbery.
  • Cubert was supposed to be punched by characters when he became annoying but they thought that punching a twelve year old was tight.
  • They use the joke F.A.R.T a lot in this episode.
  • Donbot seems to have a child as he is part of F.A.R.T.
  • The show produces many toy figures.
    • Whenever they see H.G. Blob, they think of the little toy figure of him.
  • Calculon isn't actually nice and is extremely greedy yet everyone loves him.

Highlights / Quotes

  • David X. Cohen: What was the idea for this episode Louis??
    Louis Morton: I don't know.
    David X. Cohen: You came in and said "what if Bender was a TV star?".
  • Maurice LaMarche: (As Calculon) Do you think so really?
  • Maurice LaMarche: Look it's Morbo who sounds nothing like Lrrr or Horrible Gelatinous Blob.
    David X. Cohen: You have a guilty conscience, because whenever Lrrr, or Morbo...
    Maurice LaMarche: I'm going for a running joke here for the people that paid attention to all the commentaries!
  • Billy West: God that guy should do his own movie promos. Come see it again for the eighth time.
  • Billy West: He came in and said this place smells like cheese.
  • Maurice LaMarche: Look it's Horrible Gelatinous Blob! Who sounds nothing like like Morbo or Lrrr!