Commentary:Mother's Day

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Commentary for
Mother's Day
Mothers Day.jpg
Production number2ACV14
On DVDSeason 2
Disc 3
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Christopher Tyng
Brian Sheesley
Rich Moore
Supervising director
Lewis Morton
Billy West
Actor (Fry, Professor Farnsworth, etc.)

Topics of Discussion

  • Brian says William Woo is a friend of his and hopes he listens to the commentary to hear his name.
    • David points out he would hear his name even if he weren't listening to the commentary, Rich says he's famous because dozens of people have now heard his name.
  • Matt notices Destructor and Rich explains a lot of robots are in this episode.
  • Brian answers a question by Christopher: there are well over 200 robots in the model package at this point in the series.
  • Lou points out Tinny Tim's crutch is on the wrong side.
  • Christopher points out the Boobams.
  • Matt suggests that writing jokes for robots must be the easiest thing as far as writing goes.
  • Brian points out his favourite section of animation.
  • Talk about how bad Mom is.
    • Billy says "She's the Moe of the future.
  • David states they have used the "Triple Slap" audio around three times.
  • Lou wonders why they stand like that when she can slap them all at once.
  • Brian discusses Mom from an animators standpoint.
  • Brian explains the model of the greeting card, how they must skew the image on the front in every frame.
  • The scene showing all of the robots below Mom were hand drawn.
  • Matt had the idea of a coffee machine that wouldn't cooperate before the series was aired.
    • David points out Billy played the coffee machine.
  • Lou explains that a scene with many signs being panned over represents about 80 man hours of writing.
  • David points out Billy played the Garbage Disposal.
    • Billy says he likes playing evil appliances and Lou thinks the lip sync is great for an inanimate object.
  • Lou hates the four nerds who stole two hours of his life when he thought of "Quantum Leek Soup."
  • Brian likes watching the 3D taxi kicking 2D characters out of it.
    • David thought he was going to say "kicking out the love."
  • The scene where the man is turned away from the suicide booth is a reference to Do the Right Thing.
    • Matt saw Do the Right Thing at a drive in theatre and during the scene of looting and the burning of the IMAX, people honked their horns in approval.
  • David compliments Lou on his writing. The whole premise of the episode is Mom making civilization collapse and when asked why, he answer is "Oh, I don't know."
  • Mom likes squirrels. The next time she mentions them is in "Future Stock".
    • Lou Morton explains that she was thinking of squirrels in between these episodes, but never had the nerve to mention them.
  • Matt thinks Q. T. McWhiskers is a horrible toy because it has a hideous, throbbing noise.
    • Lou kinda likes it.
  • Lou says there is an obscure Dungeons & Dragons reference on the map.
    • David asks a question about the game, but phrases is incorrectly to make it seem like he doesn't know a lot about it.
      • Matt heard a rumour about David playing the game recently. David explains he has only played it once in the last 20 years, but it was very recently. Lou confronts him of that, saying he used to play with them at lunch, but David denies this saying he was working. Lou compromises with him, suggesting that he rolled the character and someone played it for him. David accepts that idea. During that game, Eric Kaplan was the Dungeon Master and he killed Lou's character with a poisonous spider before Lou made it to the second level.
  • David likes the crazy positions Mom goes into while yelling.
  • Billy says he can't stay to watch the love scene between Mom and Farnsworth.
  • Matt has a rule about not seeing the Professor's eyes.
  • Christopher had never "scored" a bra before (meaning he had never composed a piece of music based around one).
    • Rich laughs at him, saying "You'd never scored a bra before. Well, Chris..." Lou chimes in that Christopher "will never live this down."
  • Lou points out the two love birds have their dentures in glasses on the nightstand, but they have teeth in their mouths.
  • During the scene where the Professor and Mom cover themselves with towels, Lou says "You bought a DVD, it probably cost a lot of money and now you're watching this."
  • David likes the slow walk Farnsworth does to exit the room.
    • Billy nervously laughs and explains it's because he is halfway there.
  • Brian wonders why the Professor keeps his remote in his underwear.
    • David explains that he keeps it in his underwear because Mom keeps it in her bra.

Connections to Other Commentaries

Highlights / Quotes

  • David X. Cohen: [Leela is looking through the eyes of a Bending Unit] Actual computer graphics, or just draw it and make...
    Brian Sheesley: No, all hand drawn and...
    David X. Cohen: What makes it look like it's glowing like that?
    Brian Sheesley: The colour. [People laugh.]
    Rich Moore: We heat it up.
  • Lou Morton: That's probably the only point in Futurama where the script was written with the Communist Manifesto open next to the word processor, copying. Or is it?
  • Lou Morton: When you see a scene with about 12 signs in it like that, that represents about 80 man hours of writer time. Any time the characters have to go into a building that might require signs all the writers get very sad.
    Rich Moore: Hope they never goto a sign shop.
  • Lou Morton: Why are they carrying Mom's bra around?
    David X. Cohen: You don't... do that?
  • David X. Cohen: Speaking of not Dungeons & Dragons.
    Lou Morton: Who was speaking of that? Anyway, what's this episode about?
  • Lou Morton: [Bender is slung around and around by the fan.] Classic comedy. By which, I mean the Professor's ass.
    David X. Cohen: You can't spell classic comedy without ass.
    Lou Morton: And why would you want to?