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Cornwood map.png
First appearanceBender's Game

Cornwood is an alternative reality created by Bender's imagination combined with the effect of the combination of the dark matter crystals. It can be somewhat be considered a parallel universe. Due to the nature of Cornwood, it is unlikely that it will be revisited later.

Cornwood is foremost based on Tolkien's Middle-Earth. With several places, characters and races being indirect or direct references to places, characters and races in Tolkien's universe.


Since the people and places of Cornwood are not only based on Middle-Earth and Dungeons and Dragons, but also other myths and legends, it is much easier for this article to refer to each character, race/people or place for what their reference is.


The main cast of Futurama all appear in the alternative reality, but as a different characters based loosely on Tolkein's characters, basic Dungeons and Dragons concepts, combinations thereof or something completely different entirely, such as other myths or legends.

Futurama character Cornwood character Reference
Philip J. Fry Frydo A combination of Frodo and Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Frodo by name, but also by the fact the has to carry the Die of Power, and Gollum, as he turns into almost specifically him.
Bender Bending Rodríguez Titanius Anglesmith No specific character, more of a generic knight.
Turanga Leela Leegola Legolas from Lord of the Rings by name, but other than that she does not seem to be largely based on any character.
Professor Farnsworth The Great Wizard Greyfarn Gandalf the Grey.
Hermes Conrad Hermaphrodite Unknown
Amy Wong Gynecaladriel Debatable, but seems by name to be based on Galadriel of the elves from Lord of the Rings. But also has references to concept of nymphs, as she declares herself Queen of the Water Nymphos.
Dr. Zoidberg Unnamed Unknown
Mom Momon Sauron
Walt, Larry and Ignar The Black Riders, or Nazgûl
Roberto King of Wipe Castle Steward of Gondor from Lord of the Rings.
None Tunnelling Horror Unknown
Calculon Unnamed Just a regular knight.
Dwight Conrad, Cubert Farnsworth et al. Halflings Seen dancing at Titanius' castle. Might be a reference to the cheerful nature of the Shire from Lord of the Rings, which lived largely without the troubles of other lands.


Cornwood location Reference
Geysers of Gygax Mount Doom in Mordor.
Cave of Hopelessness Moria in the Misty Mountains
Wipe Castle Minas Tirith or the White City.

Races and people

Cornwood race/people Reference
The centaurs Seems to be a combination of the elves and the people of Rohan
Wipe Castle's land Gondor
Momon's forces The forces of Mordor
Morks Orks

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