Countdown to Futurama 2010

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Main article: Countdown to Futurama
The logo for Countdown to Futurama 2010.
The logo for Futurama's 12 Days of Xmas Countdown.
Name (with link)
(links are dead)
Episode Date posted Type Image
Exclusive First Look at the First New Episode of Futurama "Rebirth" 5 May, 2010 Still Rebirth preview screenshot (skeleton shot).jpg
Matt Groening's Birthing Device Design "Rebirth" 6 May, 2010 Concept art 6ACV01 concept art, birthing device.jpg
Leela Robot "Rebirth" 7 May, 2010 Concept art Leela Robot.jpg
Mouth to Ass Storyboard "Rebirth" 10 May, 2010 Storyboard Storyboard for 6ACV01 page 69.jpg
Bender Dancing "Rebirth" 11 May, 2010 Still Bender Dancing.jpg
First Look at the Second New Episode "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" 12 May, 2010 Still 6ACV02 promo picture of demonstration.jpg
Brannigan & Leela as Adam & Eve "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" 13 May, 2010 Still 6ACV02 promotional picture Adam and Eve.jpg
The Transcredible Exploits of Zapp Brannigan "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" 14 May, 2010 Still The Transcredible Exploits of Zapp Brannigan.jpg
Undressing Storyboard "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" 17 May, 2010 Storyboard Storyboard for 6ACV02 act 2 page 29.jpg
Naked Zapp "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" 18 May, 2010 Concept art Naked Zapp Brannigan.jpg
Two-Headed Alien Goat "Attack of the Killer App" 19 May, 2010 Concept art 603-Goat.jpg
Doomsday Devices Storyboards "Attack of the Killer App" 20 May, 2010 Storyboard Storyboard of 6ACV03 page 25.jpg
Dismantled Ship Sketch "Attack of the Killer App" 21 May, 2010 Concept art 6ACV03 Dismantled Ship.jpg
Dismantled Ship "Attack of the Killer App" 24 May, 2010 Still 6ACV03 Dismantled Ship still.jpg
Floating Screens "Attack of the Killer App" 25 May, 2010 Still File-6ACV03 Floating Screens.jpg
Hedonism Bot "Proposition Infinity" 26 May, 2010 Concept art 6ACV04 Hedonism Bot.jpg
"The Duh-Vinci Code" Storyboards "The Duh-Vinci Code" 27 May, 2010 Storyboard 6ACV05 Storyboard act 2 page 314.jpg
Tornado "Proposition Infinity" 28 May, 2010 Still Tornado Still.jpg
Bender and Roberto in Jail "Proposition Infinity" 1 June, 2010 Storyboard 6ACV04 Storyboard act 1 page 178.jpg
Kif and Amy "Proposition Infinity" 2 June, 2010 Still 6ACV04 Kif and Amy.jpg
Mysterious Invention "The Duh-Vinci Code" 3 June, 2010 Concept Art 6ACV05 Mysterious Invention.jpg
Future-Roma "The Duh-Vinci Code" 4 June, 2010 Still 605-Roma.jpg
The Last Supper "The Duh-Vinci Code" 7 June, 2010 Still 6ACV05 Last Supper.jpg
Civil War Scruffy "Lethal Inspection" 8 June, 2010 Concept Art 6ACV06 Civil Scruffy.jpg
Civil War Bender "Lethal Inspection" 9 June, 2010 Concept Art 6ACV06 Civil Bender.jpg
Pencil Sharpener Storyboard "Lethal Inspection" 10 June, 2010 Storyboard 6ACV06 Storyboard act 2 page 47.jpg
Exclusive: First 90 Seconds from First New Futurama Episode! "Rebirth" 11 June, 2010 Video Rebirth video.png
Kill-Bots "Lethal Inspection" 14 June, 2010 Still 606-kill-bots.jpg
Nervous Amy "Lethal Inspection" 15 June, 2010 Still 606-Amy420.jpg
Elderly Robot Amy "The Late Philip J. Fry" 16 June, 2010 Concept art 6ACV07 Robot Amy.jpg
Armored Ostrich "The Late Philip J. Fry" 17 June, 2010 Concept art 6ACV07 Armored Ostrich.jpg
Time Machine "The Late Philip J. Fry" 18 June, 2010 Concept art 6ACV07 Time Machine.jpg
Time-Machine Storyboard "The Late Philip J. Fry" 21 June, 2010 Storyboard 6ACV07 Storyboard act 1 page 157.jpg
Q&A with Matt Groening and David X. Cohen None 22 June, 2010 Video Q and A Video.png
Time Travel "The Late Philip J. Fry" 23 June, 2010 Still 6ACV07 Time Travel.jpg

Futurama's 12 Days of Xmas Countdown

See The Futurama Holiday Spectacular.
Name (with link)
(links are dead)
Date posted Type Image
Santa's Coming Clip 9 November, 2010 Video Santas coming clip.jpg
Bender the Nutcracker 10 November, 2010 Still/Concept art Bender nutcracker.jpg Nutcracker design.jpg
Robot Santa 11 November, 2010 Still 613-Santa.jpg
Al Gore Preview 12 November, 2010 Video Al Gore Preview.jpg
Al Gore Design 13 November, 2010 Concept art Al Gore scout walker.jpg
Bender's Dreidel 14 November, 2010 Still Bender's dreidel.jpg
Robanukah Preview 15 November, 2010 Video Robanukah Preview.jpg
Planet Express Drill 16 November, 2010 Concept art 613-Drill1.jpg
Cast and Creators Interview 17 November, 2010 Video Futurama interview xmas v6.jpg
Hermes's Kwanzaa Party 18 November, 2010 Video Futurama 613 04 v6.jpg
Coolio Is Kwanzaabot 19 November, 2010 Video Futurama 613 coolio v6.jpg
Kwanzaa Party Still 20 November, 2010 Still 613-Kwanzaa.jpg
Space Bees 21 November, 2010 Still 613-Bees.jpg