Digby's new spaceship

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Digby's new spaceship
Digby's new spaceship.png
Digby's new spaceship at Mount Shushmore, in 3013 (7ACV23).
OriginPossibly the Nibblonian base on Vergon 6
First appearance"Game of Tones" (7ACV23)
Current statusEither at Mount Shushmore or at Applied Cryogenics

Digby's new spaceship is a spaceship that Nibbler's personal chauffeur — Digby — was in while on his search for the ship that, on the night of 31 December 1999, he used to land Nibbler on the rooftop of Applied Cryogenics (7ACV23). Digby and Nibbler later took a cab back to their base on Vergon 6, where Digby's boss gave him the new ship. He then began going planet to planet looking for the old one.

In 3013, he was still looking. Due to him using the old ship's key fob, the new ship had constantly been emitting a deafening melody, which had destroyed a planet and was causing seisms on Earth. A musical response to the melody prompted the ship to land on Mount Shushmore, where Digby found Nibbler and the rest of the crew, as well as Nixon and Agnew. Fry helped him retrieve the old ship, which was still at Applied Cryogenics, although its cassette player had been stolen and its battery was dead, and he then flew away.


Digby's new spaceship was first seen in a selected animatic for 7ACV23, which had been released online by July 2013. [1] [2]

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    Professor Farnsworth: Well, whatever it is, we'd better figure it out soon, because that ship will reach Earth in two weeks.
    [The rest of the crew gasps.]
    Bender: That's a hell of a slow ship.


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