Doohan 6

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Doohan 6
Futurama Fry Am the Egg Man Doohan 6.jpg
Inhabited byHumans
Bone Vampires
First appearance"Fry Am the Egg Man" (6ACV22)

Doohan 6 is the sixth planet of the Doohan system. It is the homeworld of near-extinct Bone Vampires.


The world was likely colonized by Scottish Earthicans, as the local humans speak a combination of English and Gaelic as well as having the right accents. Also, the culture of the planet resembles that of a small village in Scotland. For centuries before around 2981, Bone Vampires wreaked bloody havoc Doohan 6's livestock. Major Angus McZongo, Esq. was idolized for seemingly wiping out the Bone Vampires, but as the years passed, his status withered and he was reduced to working in the pub (The Drunken Sniper) as a greeter. When the Planet Express crew arrived on the planet to release Mr. Peppy in 3011, McZongo hatched a plan to dress as a Bone Vampire and murder the sheep, eventually slaying Mr. Peppy in order to appear as a hero once more. However, the locals were glad that the sheep were being killed, as they were being overrun by the cattle.


The economy is made up by the local pub (The Drunken Sniper) and sheep farming. However, there was a brief time after the near-extinction of the Bone Vampires but before their re-introduction to the planet where their life styles were threatened by the massive population of sheep. The world may have a military, as Angus McZongo was a major.

Additional Info


  • The planet may be named after Canadian actor James Doohan, who portrayed Montgomery Scott, a.k.a. "Scotty", in the original Star Trek series.
  • All of the men are named Angus.