Dr. Widnar

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Tertiary character
Dr. Widnar
Dr. Widnar.jpg
Dr. Widnar meeting the Planet Express crew.
Date of birthAugust of 3010
Planet of originRobot Planetoid
RelativesThe Professor, creator
First appearance"A Clockwork Origin" (6ACV09)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Dr. Widnar is a naturalist from the Robot Planetoid, who was created by the Professor in August of 3010. She discovered the amazing, non-mechanical man, Homo farnsworth.

A fully evolved, sentient, humanlike robot scientist, Dr. Widnar theorized carbon-based lifeforms could exist, but until the day she met the Planet Express crew, she never had any proof. She took them to the Museum of Natural Robo-History, where the Professor gave a speech. However, when he revealed that he invented the Nanobots in the first place, the Doctor felt disappointed, and left the building. She probably went to another planet.


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    Dr. Widnar: I'm Dr. Widnar, a naturalist.
    Bender: And I'm Bender, baby.

    Dr. Widnar: Welcome, museum members... or, as I like to call you, future exhibits. [No one speaks. Some robot coughs.]

    Dr. Widnar: I don't want to live on this planet anymore.