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The Floatwell in 3013. [7ACV21]
First appearance"Assie Come Home" (7ACV21)
Current statusIn the depths of the Sargaseous Sea

The Floatwell was a ship that sank in a horrible space storm, in 3013, in the treacherous gases of the Sargaseous Sea. [7ACV21] Several hundred people died. Bender's stolen shiny metal ass was on board, having boarded at South Street Spaceport, and the crew went to the sunken ship to recover it.

While they were there, Bender spun the ship's wheel as if it were a wheel of fortune, breaking the skeleton of the late captain.


The Floatwell carried many crates, some of which were labelled.

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The Floatwell was first seen in a preview clip for broadcast season 10, in February 2013. [1]

Additional information

A promotional picture featuring Fry, Leela, and Bender in front of the Floatwell, released by Countdown to Futurama, in May 2013.



    Leela: We're gonna find that shipwreck and get you your backside back.



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