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Episode Name or Quote

Genre: Action
Players: 1
Platforms: Xbox, Playstation 2
Released: 08/01/03(EU), 08/14/03(US)

The Story

Act I: Fry

Act II: Bender

Act III: Leela

Act IV: Zoidberg

Act V: Mom

Additional Info


  • In the options menu, Billy West provides audio for SFX Volume and Speech Volume testing.
  • Both Scruffy and Hermes are seen sleeping on the job.
  • Terry's "Welcome to the word of tommorrow!" features in the intro remix.
  • Due to the "episode's" nature, it is best viewed as an "Anthology of Interest" (2ACV16, 3ACV18).


  • Farnsworth: Good news everyone, I've sold Planet Express to Mom.

Inside References

  • Employee locker contents (left to right):
    • Amy - a photo of the professional beach bully from 1ACV12, clothes and perfume/deoderant.
    • Fry - a photo of Leela, Zero-G Juggs magazine and food scraps, containers and stains.
    • Hermes - a caged Nibbler (in the game Nibblers are collected to unlock extras).
    • Bender - cash, a photo of Calculon, a womans shoe, a purse, circuit diagrams, stack of Fembot magazines, some mechanical nuts, keg of beer and a gold violin.
    • Leela - security pass for the building and some boots.
    • Professor - photo of Mom, photo of Cubert, Death Clock and Finglonger.
    • Zoidberg - Planet of the Clams poster, human skeleton and human arm.
  • Mom finally gets her Mother's Day wish.

Outside References

  • In the end of Act I, the Chicken Walker is a reference to Star Wars.
  • The initial meeting with Adoy on Bogad is a reference to a similar scene in Star Wars when Luke meets Yoda on Dagobah.
    • Additionally, the character and planet names in the game are the Star Wars names backwards.
  • In Act II a flying saucer contains one of Elvis Presley's costumes.


(In alphabetical order)

Generic Enemy Characters

As these are groups of minor enemies introduced to be killed in the game, every appearance is a debut appeearance.

  • Non-sentient Sewer Mutants
  • Gas mask troopers
  • Red Light District Robots
  • Hoverbot Death Troopers
  • Alien weasels
  • Rock monsters
  • Skeleton robots
  • Sentry robots



  • Movies
    • All 33 FMVs
    • Season 3 - DVD Trailer
    • Attract Movie
    • Credits Movie
  • Music
    • Game music
  • Gallery
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