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#REDIRECT [[Bendocchio]]
{{comic infobox
|image=[[File:Futurama Comic 83.jpg|225px]]
|image text=
|us no=83
|written by=
|art by=
|title caption=
|us publish=20 {{date|September}}, [[2017]] (on [[Futuramaland]])
|uk publish=
|title referee=
|prev=Futurama Comics 82
|next=Futurama Comics 84
'''''Bendocchio''''' is the eighty-third [[Comic Listing|comic]] issue, released on {{date|20 September}}, [[2017]] through the [[Futuramaland]] mobile app.
{{navigation bottom/c
|prev=Futurama Comics 82
|next=Futurama Comics 84

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