Granny Hester

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Tertiary character
Granny Hester
Robot Devil Granny Hester.png
Bender's ghost (left) and the Robot Devil dressed in Granny Hester's clothing (right).
SpeciesProbably Human (Amish)
First appearance"Ghost in the Machines" (6ACV19)
Voiced byUnknown

Granny Hester is a resident of the Amish homeworld. In June 3011 (6ACV19), the Robot Devil stole her clothes so he could sneak onto the Amish homeworld and get Bender's ghost to kill Fry or claim Bender's soul for all eternity. According to the Robot Devil, her status by the end of June was "naked, but unharmed".

Additional Info


    [The Robot Devil is wearing a dress.]
    Robot Devil: Oh, I hear you loud and clear.
    [He takes off his bonnet, revealing his face. Bender screams.]
    Bender's ghost: You're not Granny Hester! What have you done with Granny Hester?!
    Robot Devil: She's naked, but unharmed.

    Leela: Are you okay? What just happened?
    [Fry sighs.]
    Fry: Well, I think the Robot Devil said he loved me in Bender's voice, wearing Granny Hester's clothes.