Great Wizard Greyfarn

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Tertiary character
Cornwood character
The Great Wizard Greyfarn
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Voiced by[[Billy West|Billy West]][[Category:Characters voiced by Billy West|The Great Wizard Greyfarn]]

The Great Wizard Greyfarn is a Wizard version of Professor Hubert Farnsworth in Cornwood. He was a member of The Fellowship.

When Frydo, Leegola and Titanius Anglesmith turned arrived at his house with the Die of Power, he informed them of Momon and her sons. He told them that the only way to destroy the Die was to throw it into the boiling plastic, which it was created in. At the Cave of Hopelessness they met Gynecaladriel who seduced the guard, letting them past. Unfortunately Leegola ran away when she thought she killed an innocent monster (Dr. John A. Zoidberg), then Frydo ran away with the Die after becoming obsessed with it and trying to kill Titanius.

After Frydo and Leegola ran away, the remainder of the fellowship continued to wipe castle to try and convince the king. Unfortunately the king had went insane and sent his army into the ocean, leaving them defenseless. Fortunately, the centaurs prevailed and killed all of Momons army.

When confronted by Ignus, a battle begins, during which Ignus reveals that he is Greyfarn's son.

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  • Greyfarn: Curse you Momon, queen of all that is evil and not very good in bed!