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Secondary character
Cornwood character
SpeciesWater Nympho
ProfessionQueen of the Water Nymphos
First appearanceBender's Game
Voiced byLauren Tom

Gynecaladriel is a Water Nympho version of Amy Wong (BG). She is the Queen of her species, and can seduce any man, woman or Robot she wishes. She was a member of the Fellowship, and helped them get into the Cave of Hopelessness by seducing the guard.

Character Description

After having defeated the Tunnelling Horror, the Fellowship went to Wipe Castle, and Gynecaladriel helped fend off Momon's forces by showing her breasts to make them drool over their ladders with acidic saliva, to destroy them. She seems to be pansexual, as she was able to seduce the Great Wizard Greyfarn, Leegola, and Titanius Anglesmith. However, it is possible that, given her nature, she just looks for sexual pleasure despite its source, which would mean her actual sexual orientation has little to do with her sexual approaches. She enjoys binging on dwarf burgers because they give her a lot of diarrhea, therefore negating any weight she would have gained from them.

Additional Information


  • Her name comes from two words, Gynecology, the surgical speciality dealing with health of the female reproductive system, and Galadriel, the Queen of the Elves from The Lord of the Rings.
  • The name of her species, Water Nympho, is a pun on Water Nymph and Nymphomania.