Hank Aaron XXIV

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Character's Name or Quote

Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Earth
Age: Unknown
Voiced By: Hank Aaron
First Appearance: "A Leela of Her Own" (3ACV16)


Hank Aaron XXIV is a blernsball player and was temporarily the worst Blernsball player of all time because he never got a single hit. Ironically, the original Hank Aaron was considered the home run king. He lived in a museum and tried to prevent Leela from being worse than himself because he liked living there. But he was eventually replaced by Leela as the worst Blernsball player of all time because she never got a single out.


Additional Info


  • Leela: It's even a crummy hologram.
    Hank Aaron XXIV: I'm not a hologram, but I am crummy.


"A Leela of Her Own" (3ACV16)