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Tertiary character
Date of death3011 [6ACV14]
RelativesMom, creator
First appearance"Godfellas" (3ACV20)
Voiced byPhil LaMarr

Helper is a robot who was meant to be a replacement for Bender. [3ACV20] Unlike Bender, Helper is more cheerful, has eyebrows and is square-shaped rather than round. He makes noises of clashing metals even when standing still. Planet Express tried to make Fry his best friend after Bender disappeared in space but Fry quickly found him annoying due to his cheerfulness and how his personality is opposite to Bender's. In June of 3011 he went to apply for a job at Planet Express and fill in Bender's position, but was clamped to death by Clamps. [6ACV14] His tombstone is in the robot cemetery. [7ACV07]

Additional Info


    Helper: Hey, I heard your friend Bender is back. [3ACV20]
    Fry: Really?
    Helper: No, I just thought you'd enjoy that for a moment.