Leela's finger

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Tertiary character
Colorama character
Leela's finger
Leela's finger.png
Leela's finger, the third from the left, in the Planet Express balcony in September 3011 (6ACV26).Disputed canon
SpeciesHuman (Mutant)
RelativesSee Family
First appearance"Reincarnation" (6ACV26)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Leela's finger is one of the digits on Leela's left hand. It was made the happiest finger on the hand by Fry, who planned to make a piece of diamondium land on it, in the Planet Express balcony in September 3011 (6ACV26).Disputed canon



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    Fry: In exactly ten seconds, the Doomsday device will blow the stone loose. An', if my calculations are correct, it will land here on your finger.
    Leela's finger: You've made me the happiest finger in the whole wide hand!