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Smitty with a solid Lightsaber
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)
Current statusStill in use
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In Futurama, there are two types of lightsabers. The most commonly seen type is solid weapon, despite its laser-like appearance. It is used by the peace officers. It is similar to a nightstick or baton in manner and is used by hitting the subject.

A variant of it was made which, instead of being hard, emits a laser to cut through most surfaces. This model can be used as a hitting stick for a Piñata, [2ACV17] a cooking implement for peeling potatoes, [3ACV22] dueling with, woodcutting [6ACV13] and for cutting through materials. Native Martians use similar objects for arrow.s [3ACV10]

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  • This weapon is taken from Star Wars. The "glowing solid stick" type lightsaber is, most likely, derived from modern lightsaber replicas and children's toys which use LED-lighted polycarbonate sticks.
  • Lightsaber sounds are used in "The Six Million Dollar Mon".
  • The giant microscope used in "Bender's Big Score" makes a lightsaber sound when activated.
  • Lightsabers were also used by Sith Overlords in the Sithal War.


    Leela: Please, officers, there's no need to use force. [1ACV01]


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