List of alien species

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Elzar a Alien


There are many Alien Species in the year 3000. Some try to live in peace whilst others seek to make war on others. Earth is an perfect place for all these different species to live in harmony.

List of Species


Amphibians are from Amphibios 9 and strangly have no bones. Their bodies are very flexable and they aren't very strong. Male Amphibians can become pregnant whilst they're in lone just with touch of a persons hand.

Brain Slugs

Brain Slugs

The Brain Slugs are being from the Brain Slug Planet. They attach themselves to peoples head and try to get other Brain Slugs onto the heads of others. They even have their own voting party.

Brain Spawn

The Why of Fry.jpg

The Brain Spawn existed from a few seconds after the Universe was created. They are arch-enimies of the Nibblonians and want to know and understand the Universe. They also want to destroy all things in the Universe.



The Decapodians are lobster like creatures from the Planet Decapod 10. The Decapodians once invaded Earth and enslaved Humanity. There are many famous Decapodians like Harold Zoid a famous actor and his nephew Dr. John Zoidberg who ate the Earth Flag and then saved the Earth.

Grunka Lunkas

Grunka Lunkas

The Grunka Lunkas are small orange men who inhabit the planet Wormulon. They are employed by the Slurm Worms to work in the fake slurm factory. They sing a warning song about the Secret Ingrediant of Slurm.


Elzar the Chef, a fairly typical Neptunian

Neptunians are a humanoid species from Neptune which shares many characteristics of humans. There are a few differences though: Neptunians have pig-like noses, purple skin and four arms, and their hair is always black.

Neutral People

The Neutral President

The neutrals are humanoids of average height and build. They are hairless, their skin is a dull grey, and their faces are not capable of displaying emotions. In fact, it's not entirely clear if they have emotions at all. They have a very detached outlook on life.


Nibblonians stand about one foot tall, hairless, and have two large eyes as well as a third eye on an antenna in the center of their foreheads. They are black in color, with pale yellow circles on their bellies and around their mouths. They are widely concidered to be the cutest race ever to exist, though this is something the Nibblonians resent.



The Omicronians are a violent, agressive race from Omicron Persei 8.Omicronians stand around eight feet tall, and have characteristics of reptiles. Their skin can have various colours, ranging from a greenish-yellow to dark brown, their eyes are yellow with oval pupils.

Slurm Worms

Glurmo, public face of the Slurm Factory

This species is best known for producing and selling the soft drink Slurm. All the galaxy's Slurm is produced in a factory on their home planet. However, this factory is a front, as the true secret of Slurm is that it is actually a fluid produced by the Slurm Queen and sprayed out of her butt.