Malachi family

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Malachi family
LocationBender's body
First appearance"Godfellas"
Current statusDeceased

The Malachi family was a Shrimpkin species family who worshipped the Metal Lord, Bender, before they were killed in a nuclear war, which began when the people living in Bender's ass stopped believing in the Metal Lord.

Family Members

Malachi Sr.


Voiced by: Maurice LaMarche
Trivia: Malachi was chosen by Bender to explain what happened in the village and to send messages of what Bender wanted. He lost his arm while building a beer tower for Bender.
Quote: I am Malachi. It means 'he who really loves the Metal Lord'.
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Malachi's wife

Malachi's wife

Voiced by: Tress MacNeille
Trivia: Malachi's wife lived in peace with Malachi until there was organized crime so she bought a machine gun.
Quote: Malachi Jr! Nooooooooo!

Malachi Jr.

Malachi Jr.

Voiced by: Lauren Tom
Trivia: Malachi Jr. is the son of Malachi and Malachi's wife. He enjoyed hugging, he even practised for hugging his father by hugging a big bottle. When he fell on a river, he couldn't hold onto a branch because his arms were too tired from hugging.
Quote: [Holding onto branch] I can't hold on, my arms are too tired from hugging!

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