Mom v. Farnsworth

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Mom v. Farnsworth
Nine 6ACV25.png
Yellow and red lawyer standing in front of the jury
LocationFamous Original Ray's Superior Court
Judge(s)Judge Whitey
VerdictCharges dropped

Mom v. Farnsworth and Cubert was a case in which Mom, Walt, Larry, and Igner accused Farnsworth and Cubert of breaking the license agreement on their Bending Unit, Bender. It was held at Famous Original Ray's Superior Court with the Honourable Judge Whitey presiding. Mom's prosecution was the Yellow and red lawyer, and Hyper-Chicken defended Farnsworth and Cubert.

After Yellow and red lawyer presented his evidence, Judge Whitey asked Farnsworth and Cubert if they could produce the bending unit in question, which they could not. Due to this, Judge Whitey held Farnsworth and Cubert in contempt and fined them ten-thousand dollars per-day until they could produce the robot.

After Hyper-Chicken failed to presented any mitigating factors to recommend leniency, the jury began its deliberations. However, after the deliberations began, Bender appeared as a witness, testifying on behalf of Farnsworth and Cubert. However, Yellow and red lawyer objected to this surprise witness, because "He's too surprising." Judge Whitey sustained the objection, because testimony had already closed. Afterwards, Bender let Mom overhear that the jury might not want to convict a 12 year-old. Due to this, Mom dropped the charges against Cubert before the verdict was read. Then, right before the verdict was about to be read, Bender called for a mistrial on grounds of double jeopardy, for the reason that Cubert and Farnsworth were clones, and therefor, the same person. Therefore, the case was dismissed.

Jury Members

The members of the jury in this case were:

Additional Info


  • Had the charges not been dropped, Farnsworth and Cubert would have both been found guilty and hung.


    Yellow and red lawyer: Your Honour, Mom is a poor, frail industrialist with three special sons who require constant neglect.

    Ron Whitey: Not only have the defendants failed to rebut the charges, they've not even presented any mitigating factors to recommend leniency. It strikes me as an extra-risky strategy.
    Hyper-Chicken: Did you say "extra-crispy recipe"?
    Ron Whitey: You know I didn't.

    Yellow and red lawyer: Your Honour, I object to this surprise witness. He's too surprising!