Momon's sons

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Secondary character
Waltazar, Larius and Ignus
SpeciesHuman/ Demon
RelativesMomon, The Great Wizard Greyfarn
First appearance"Bender's Game" (BG)
Voiced by[[Maurice LaMarche,John DiMaggio & David Herman|Maurice LaMarche,John DiMaggio & David Herman]][[Category:Characters voiced by Maurice LaMarche,John DiMaggio & David Herman|Waltazar, Larius and Ignus]]

Momon's sons are three demon versions of Walt, Larry and Ignar, they are brothers living in Cornwood.


He is a demon version of Moms oldest son Walt, he is the leader of the three. He is usually the first to get angry at his siblings and slap them, he also has tthe largest horns because he is the eldest of the three.


He is a demon version of Moms middle son Larry, he is the second in comand. He is relatively compitent and is usually the one to stick up for his younger brother Ignus, however at the same time be the one to slap him the most.


He is a demon version of the youngest of Moms sons Igner. He is highly incompitent and is apparently, skilled at deulling. He overheard Momon telling his brothers a terrible secret about him, and later tried to help the fellowship to defeat her, but failed, when he aggravated Greyfarn by calling a majic arachnid a majic bug. The two had a duel which ended when ignus revealed that he is Greyfarns son. He also has the shortest horns.

Additional Information


  • They are a parody of The Black Riders, or Nazgûl.