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{{character infobox
'''Monique''' can refer to:
|name = Monique
|type = s
|image = [[File:Monique.jpg|225px]]
|gender = [[Fembot|Female]]
|species = [[Robot]]
|family =
|first appear = {{e|1ACV03}}
|voiced by = Tress MacNeille
{{about|the acting unit|the ''[[All My Circuits]]'' character|Monique}}
* [[Monique (All My Circuits)|Monique]], the character on ''[[All My Circuits]]''
* [[Monique (acting unit)|Monique]], the [[acting unit]] which portrays the ''AMC'' character
The [[robot]] that plays the '''Monique''' character on ''[[All My Circuits]]'' is not known by name.
She has been seen on three different occasions when not playing her character: at the [[1074th Academy Awards]] with [[Human Friend (actor)|the man]] who plays [[Human Friend]] {{et|3ACV08}}, during a wind storm that [[Philip J. Fry|Fry]], [[Bender Bending Rodríguez|Bender]] and [[Calculon]] confuse for a scene in the show ([[Rotten to the Core|US#027]]) and at Bender's [[100th delivery party|party]] {{et|6ACV12}}.
== Additional Info ==
=== Appearances ===
''For her appearances as the ''All My Circuits'' character, see [[Monique#Appearances|this]].''
*{{f|4}} ([[audience scene|cameo]])
*{{e|6ACV22}}<ref>[http://ccinsider.comedycentral.com/2011/06/19/countdown-to-futurama-get-the-ball/ Countdown to Futurama: Get the Ball]</ref>
*{{clink|US#046|Follow the Reader}}
*{{clink|US#027|Rotten to the Core}}
[[Category:All My Circuits]]

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Monique can refer to:

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