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|species = [[Robot]]
|species = [[Robot]]
|family =  
|family =  
|first appear = {{e|1ACV03}}
|first appear = {{e|1ACV03|break=yes}}
|voiced by = Tress MacNeille
|voiced by = Tress MacNeille

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Secondary character
First appearance"I, Roommate"
Voiced byTress MacNeille
This article is about the acting unit. For the All My Circuits character, see Monique (All My Circuits).

Monique is an acting unit that plays the character of the same name on All My Circuits.

She has been seen on three different occasions when not playing her character: at the 1074th Academy Awards with the man who plays Human Friend, [3ACV08] during a wind storm that Fry, Bender and Calculon confuse for a scene in the show [US#027] and at Bender's party. [6ACV12]

Her name was revealed to be the same as her character's by the wheel of Robots. [4ACV18]

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For her appearances as the All My Circuits character, see this.