Mrs. Blob

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Tertiary character
Mrs. Blob
Mrs Blob.png
In the couch, talking to her husband.
Planet of originProbably Earth
or Venus
RelativesSee Family section
First appearance"H.G. Blob in Revenge of the Blob" (US#006-mini) Mini comic
Voiced byUnknown

Mrs. Blob is the little known wife of Horrible Gelatinous Blob. She seems to enjoy knitting. She and her family live on the rings of an unidentified planet. The Venus de Venus shows a female blob making it possible that Mrs. Blob and her family are Venusians living on the rings of another planet.

Character Description


Additional Info


  • The mini comic in which she first appears is drawn in a non-standard style, she'll probably look different the next time she appears.


    Brett Blob: Hey Cubert! Is that your family mansion?
    Cubert: Why don't you ask your mom? She's coming over for a sex visit!