Museum of Natural Robo-History

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Museum of Natural Robo-History
Museum of Natural Robo-History.png
First appearance"A Clockwork Origin" (6ACV09)

The Museum of Natural Robo-History is a museum which features the evolution of Robots from the Robo-planetoid. It was assumably founded at 8:15 AM on 14 August, 3010, when Dr. Widnar took the Planet Express crew there (6ACV09).



NANDerthal Cave Painting

Amy and Leela are prehistoric ladies.

This exhibit shows a Robo-caveman standing in front of a painting of Amy and Leela, who were kidnapped by their former Neanderthal husbands a day before the museum was created.

Ascent of Bot

R2 units were last seen in Bender's Big Score.

Bedsprings, Trilobots, R2 units, Robo-monkeys, Robot cavemen, and fully evolved Robo-Humans represent the evolution of Robots from the Robo-planetoid.

Additional Info


  • This is an obvious parody of the natural history museums.
  • The "NANDerthal Cave Painting" exhibit is a pun on the Neanderthal, an extinct hominid, and a NAND gate, a basic electronic logic gate.
  • The "Ascent of Bot" exhibit might be a reference to The Ascent of Man, a BBC documentary series.
  • A sign says that the museum was created at 8:00 AM but the robots don't know about their fast evolution.


    Dr. Widnar: Welcome, museum members... or, as I like to call you, future exhibits. [No one speaks. Some robot coughs.]