NNY Bus Terminal

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NNY Bus Terminal
NNY Bus Terminal.png
Exterior of the NNY Bus Terminal, in 3013. [7ACV25] Each of the buses outside has an ad for Lightspeed Briefs on it.
LocationNew New York
First appearance"Stench and Stenchibility" (7ACV25)

The NNY Bus Terminal is a bus terminal and strategic urine reserve in New New York. In 3013, Zoidberg went there to meet his girlfriend Zindy, whom he had been video-dating for the past four years. [7ACV25]

The buses at the terminal are from a bus line called Parolee's Choice.

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    Zindy: Good God! What's that horrible stench?!
    Zoidberg: Stench... That's probably this stinky bus station, maybe!


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