New New York Mets

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New New York Mets
NNY Mets.png
The NNY Mets in their locker room
Owner(s)Abner Doubledeal
OriginNew New York
First appearance"A Leela of Her Own" (3ACV16)
Leela playing for the Mets

The New New York Mets are one of the worst teams in the professional Blernsball league. They may be terrible but still try to get as much attention as possible hiring a clown fielder and a one eyed female pitcher. They have retired so many players' numbers that the team has to resort to giving players fractions instead of whole numbers.


  • Turanga Leela - Pitcher
  • "Skipper" - Coach (possibly was a player with an original number, as there is an 8 on his jersey)
  • A Clown - Fielder

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