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Secondary character
Deceased character
Date of death31 December, 3007
Planet of originPossibly Nude Beach Planet
RelativesOnce referred to two of his associates, Schlump and Fleb, as "brothers," though whether they truly were related is unknown
First appearance"Futurama Returns" (US#S02)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Nudar was the leader of the alien nudist scammers and the main antagonist in Bender's Big Score. He scammed the entire Planet Express crew out of their business, took control of Bender (of which he was uncertain it would work), and discovered the machine language time code on Philip J. Fry's butt. Using the power of time travel, he sent Bender back in time to steal all of history's valuables, and eventually scammed all of Earth, forcibly evicting all its residents. However, in the ensuing confrontation, his ship was destroyed by the Spheroboom, which was fired directly at him. Nudar, however, survived the event thanks to a doomproof platinum vest, but he was soon killed by Lars Fillmore when he pinned him to the ground with a time-paradox duplicate of Bender which exploded.

Despite showing extreme impatience in several situations, Nudar has never objected to being prepared for anything, thus making him quite a cunning adversary.

Additional Information


  • He is David X. Cohen's favourite character.
  • Nudar is featured on the Bender's Big Score disc of The Complete Collection 1999-2009.
  • It is interesting to note how well educated Nudar is in Earth's history, and how he knows everything of value in Earth's history. Although he at no point makes it clear that he means Earth's or the universe's valuables.
  • Nudar once had intercourse with himself.
  • In an early draft of the script, Nudar was to duck and cover with Fry and Leela, leaving Lars to commit suicide by grabbing onto the doomed Bender duplicate. Nudar would then be knocked unconscious by Leela as she runs to Lars' body.
  • The only times Nudar was seen without Schlump and Fleb was in the cryogenics lab near the end of the film and to a lesser extent in the time sphere.
  • Even though Nudar said how he survived the explosion and radiation, it is still unknown how he got back down to Earth, as no escape ships were seen. If he fell through Earth's atmosphere it would be near impossible to have survived.
    • If he was in a large enough piece of debris, he could survive atmospheric re-entry with only a few lacerations from the impact.
  • Nudar is the only deceased character and the first movie character in Toynami's Futurama Figure line (So far...). He is also one of the few non-robot villians in the line.
  • He could possibly be homosexual, having enjoyed having sex with himself. This is unclear though, as we do not know how his species mates or if it has differing genders.


    Nudar: That's just what the guys who oppose the things you support want you to do.

    Nudars 1 and 2: Hello, Howdy.
    Zoidberg: [After Nudar created a copy of himself.] There was one, but now there's two!
    Nudar 1: Nothing gets past you, eagle-eye.

    Nudar: You've got no code, no porn, and you're ugly. Let's dance!

    Nudar: Nobody move!
    Leela: Nudar! How did you survive the blast?
    Nudar: My doom-proof platinum vest absorbed most of the radiation! In retrospect, I wish I'd have worn doom-proof pants, but you know us nudists.