President McNeal

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Tertiary character
Deceased character
President McNeal
President McNeal 1.jpg
Date of deathNovember, 3000
Planet of originProbably Earth, United States of America
ProfessionFormer President
First appearance"When Aliens Attack" (1ACV12)
Voiced byBilly West
This article is about the former President of Earth. For the character on Single Female Lawyer, see Jenny McNeal.

President McNeal was the President of Earth in and prior to 3000, until the Omicronians, enraged over missing the end of the thousand-year-old TV programme Single Female Lawyer, came to Earth to obtain its final episode, and ultimately killed him. His death most likely led the way for Richard Nixon to be elected in his stead.


McNeal negotiates with Lrrr and Ndnd.

Little is known of the life of President McNeal. However, it is known that his death was rather unfair. In their threats against Earth, the Omicronians revealed they wanted McNeal, which was assumed to mean the President. Realising this, President McNeal would prefer fighting on than giving up his own life. Unfortunately, most of the Earthican politicians, lead by Zapp Brannigan, had another plan: to simply hand over the President to the invaders, which would hopefully lead to the ending of the invasion. However, the Omicronians were not after the President at all, but rather Jenny McNeal, the main character on Single Female Lawyer, and as such, during the handover, President McNeal was shot.

Additional Info


  • His name was selected specifically to match the name Jenny McNeal, a reference to Ally McBeal, from the same episode.


    President McNeal: The people of Earth remain united in my refusal to hand over myself. Total annihilation is a small price to pay compared with-- [Zapp Brannigan steps forward and puts a sack over McNeal. As he drags him away the people applaud and a man kicks the sack.]