Sacramental firewall

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Sacramental firewall
Sacramental Firewall.png
Reverend Lionel Preacherbot holding the sacramental firewall (6ACV19).
First appearance"Ghost in the Machines" (6ACV19)

The sacramental firewall is a firewall that Reverend Lionel Preacherbot gave to Fry to ward off Bender's ghost. The firewall wards off all ghostware within 20 feet. However, it is possible for a ghost to come through the 20 foot radius to the firewall itself. Apparently, after a robot ghost takes over the software of the firewall, it can be used to make projections. Bender used the firewall for this purpose to make a projection of himself on a wall and give Fry a heart attack. However, Fry survived the heart attack (6ACV19).

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