Second cancellation of Futurama

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This article is about the second cancellation. For the first cancellation, see Cancellation of Futurama.

On 22 April 2013, could reveal that Futurama would not be renewed,[1] effectively cancelling Futurama for a second time.

A brief history of Futurama

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Despite Fox's initial discontent with Futurama,[2] the show remained somewhat stable for its first three production seasons, but by season 4 Fox's ultimate intentions of cancellation became clear.[3][4]

However, already by 2003, had Cartoon Network's Adult Swim line up been putting Futurama first, in great contrast to the lack of respect it was given on Fox. And eventually, due to the successful cable syndication and DVD sales, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment ordered four Direct-to-DVD films in 2006. Of course content with the good news, Futurama fans were at disagreement whether films were the right format for Futurama, and even before Bender's Big Score did a hope linger on for a possible TV season if the films were successful.

And indeed speculation was rampant during 2008 and 2009 until June 2009, when Comedy Central could announce they had renewed Futurama with 26 episodes.[5]


Around February 2013, discussions among fans began to speculate why no news of a renewal of the show had been announced, which two years prior - when season 6 was halfway through its episodes - was announced. Only scarce news and hints came out of the production office, until the news finally hit two months later.[1]

Without giving a specific reason, Comedy Central's EVP of Programming, Dave Bernarth felt it was a 'natural end to the show's improbable comeback'.[1] Matt Groening expressed little surprise, highlighting that they've been concerned about them coming back four times by now, referring to "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings", Into the Wild Green Yonder and "Reincarnation".[1] Groening went on to imply that they are now wondering whether they could find a new home for Futurama, such as a theatrical feature film release or perhaps producing online only episodes,[6] but at present they were not actively looking for anything.[1]


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