Sideshow Fry

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Sideshow Fry
Futurama-12-Cover 0.jpg
US Publish Number12
UK Publish Number(s)14
Written byEric Rogers
Art byJohn Delaney
Title captionLet your freak flag fry
UK title captionLet your festive freak flag fry
Published (US)26 March, 2003
Published (UK)16 December, 2004
In trade paperbackFuturama Conquers The Universe

"Sideshow Fry" is the twelfth comic issue, which was released 26 March, 2003 in the US and 16 December, 2004 in the UK.

The Story

Act I

While visiting a circus, Fry is revealed to have an outie belly button which was considered ugly and no-one has had one ever since. During the show Fry and Zoidberg are brought out of the audience to feed Jumbot, a robotic elephant, but instead are crushed and thought to be dead. Fry and Zoidberg find themselves with the circus freaks since the elephant had a trap door on its foot and Fry is considered a freak with his outie belly button. Meanwhile at the circus Bender beats up the Unhuman Cannonball and steals his job for revenge from when in the army he reprogrammed Bender to cook awful meals. Harold Zoid was once one of the freaks but is replaced by Zoidberg, so he takes Zoidberg’s job and explains that Fry and Zoidberg are in the circus and not dead.

Act II

At the circus Fry falls in love with a bearded lady named Katie, and when Leela comes to rescue them he doesn’t want to leave. Leela asks Bender to help them escape and he shoots out of the cannon at 90 degrees and lifts up the tent, distracting everyone so Fry, Zoidberg and Leela can escape. Katie claims that she never loved Fry and tells them to go off without her. Jumbot tries to pull them back but Katie helps them escape.

Additional Info


  • This was the last issue in the UK that was bimonthly, from then on they were monthly and split in half.


    Fry: Zoidberg are we dead?
    Zoidberg: Hmm, judging from our metal based surroundings, Fry, one could guess we've been buried together in the same coffin. Hooray! Zoidberg spends eternity with a good friend!


  • Leela uses Interprize rent-a-ship. All ships available are modeled on the various Enterprises from Star Trek. "Enterprise" is a real life car rental company.


  • Artists for this issue confused the Thundercougarfalconbird dealer with Victor. Dialogue is written as Victor speaks, including a third-person "Beek-tor", whereas we can see the artist drew the wrong character, and no-one noticed.

Special Features


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