Space Honey

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Space Honey
Queen Bee.png
Space Honey behind the Space Bee Queen.
Creator(s)Space Bees
OriginSpace Hive
First appearance"The Sting" (4ACV12)

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Space Honey is made by the Space Bees. It is very delicious and precious on Earth, but because of the Space Bees that guard it, it is dangerous to obtain. Dr. Zoidberg said that if you eat three spoonfuls of it at the same time, you fall asleep and never wake up.(4ACV12) However, he said this during Leela's dream, so it might not be true. (John Zoidberg has seldom provided any accurate information pertaining to health throughout the entire series.)

At one point, Professor Farnsworth sent his crew on a mission to obtain Space Honey for an unknown reason. This mission has been performed by at least one previous crew, as it was the mission that killed the Professor's previous crew. The current crew was successful at obtaining the honey, but a baby queen almost stung Leela in the process, sending her into a hallucination-induced dream sequence that lasted for two weeks. In the dreams, she uses Space Honey multiple times to calm her down and put her to sleep. At one point, she knocked the Space Honey onto a couch where it combined with Fry's hair, skin, and blood cells to bring him back to life. However, this probably isn't actually possible. At the end of the sequence, Leela almost puts herself into a permanent slumber with the Space Honey, but Fry convinced her not to. (4ACV12)

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    Dr. Zoidberg: One spoonful calms you down, two spoonfuls help you sleep, but three spoonfuls, and you'll go into a sleep so deep you'll never wake up. Never!